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About Us

Now making Vreality Cinema a 15 Part VR Movie Series that tells mostly 
Sci-Fi and Alien Tales I've been working on since 2005. This is my Free Cinema and Film School project and an ongoing production. They say we tell stories to Heal and Practice makes perfect so I am attempting to Create an Online Free Digital Film School and Cinema Studio from Mostly Free resources available to all online. See how I did it and in the future you can 
Re-Edit and Re-Mix the Bits and Pieces to Make Your Own Movie and Plot. So sign up now for my Free Site TheDrawingBoardCinema.Com with your Email Address to get access to Exclusive Content and and More Production Updates. All Support and Feedback Suggestions sent to:TheDrawingBoardCinema, P.O Box 692305, Orlando FL 32869-2305, (TXT:689-280-4417)- Highly Appreciated. Thank You.

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